Nearshore/offshore development center

Our development center allows our clients to grow their IT teams with professionals expert in technologies and finance. Thanks to our long track records of successfully delivering projects from a nearshore/offshore location, we aim to be an integral part of our clients’ company allowing them to fully rely on our services. We boost their team and capabilities to achieve more. We are more than a provider, we are the Technology Partner of our clients.


Thanks to our experience, we have adapted software development standard agile methodologies to our own needs and best practices allowing to deliver in short lifecycle while ensuring a constant communication and establishing a close relationship with our clients.


We are also flexible enough to adapt to the own methodologies of our clients, making sure we fit perfectly to their team at a point to be considered part of their team. Our high commitment allows us to also believe we are part of the company of our clients which means we have common goals to achieve together.

The project managers are culturally very close to our clients and speak native English and/or French and Spanish. It allows to have a clear and concise communication with the clients and make sure the development team understands the requirements to the letter. It also allows to close the cultural gap generally found in a nearshore/offshore software development experience.

We also take advantage of the time difference. We make sure the shared time window between our clients (onsite) and the development team (nearshore/offshore) is optimized for direct communication. We use collaborative tools and transparency is our top priority to keep all project members constantly up to date with the status of every project. Day to day communication per project and a weekly follow up with the management allow us to always be on top of our developments.

As a proof of our commitment and quality, when talking about their IT team, our clients include us in their headcount. Check our study cases for more info:



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