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About the company:


DMS ( is the worldwide leader in fund governance, risk and compliance, representing leading investment funds with assets under management exceeding $900 billion. DMS excels in delivering high quality Fund Governance, Risk and Compliance Services across a diverse range of investment fund structures and strategies.



As a compliance and risk company, the main requirement is to have a tool to automatize and optimize the generation of risk, compliance and regulatory reports. This means the implementation of a compliance rules engine and a reporting tool allowing to generate both risk and regulatory reports in an optimized way, including a validation process as well as a configurable workflow that ensures reports have been successfully submitted to the regulators.

Services offering:

Since 2017, we have been in charge of the development and deployment of a modular reporting solution. This solution is accessible through a web portal for both internal and external users, allowing them to produce investor reports and regulatory reports ready to be submitted to the regulators. DMS is trusting us as one of their favorite vendors, constantly challenging us to deliver new modules in short timeframe. Several projects are being developed simultaneously.


How do we work together:

  • Development 100% offshore: From the datamodel definition and business logic implementation to the GUI design and development, everything is handled from our offshore development centre in Colombia. We provide two kind of activities:

    • Ongoing support: adjustments and enhancements on current functionalities of the platform

    • New project developments: larger scope based on specific requirements

  • Agile: a custom common methodology was put in place

    • Scrum-based, but more flexible, thanks to having the whole team in a same office

    • Biweekly sprints deployment on client’s UAT environment is performed from Colombia

    • Close collaboration with the stakeholders at DMS

    • Weekly touchpoints are held

    • Daily meeting when clarification is needed

    • Project management and code sharing tools are in place

    • Business requirements are gathered and centralized by the project leaders

    • Precise release notes are sent when finishing the deployment and regression testing of a new version

  • Technologies:

    • Front-end: AngularJS

    • Back-end: c#, Entity Framework

    • Database: SQL Server.


I have been a client of QualIT for almost 3 years as a Managing Director for DMS. Interacting with them at least weekly, if not daily, I have had first-hand experience of their software engineering and support activities in the fund management sector.


What I appreciate the most when working with QualIT:

  • They understand our business. With a minimum amount of information as inputs, they are able to take the initiative and come back to us with creative solutions that will fit our needs

  • They’re in it for the long-term. With a focus on building lasting relationships, they will adapt its organization when changes occur, provide scalable and flexible solutions with an eye to the future

  • Reactivity. We have direct access to their management and team members when we need to, our lines of communication always stay open. Even with a few time zones between us, we can expect reactive answers to our issues

  • Their transparency. They provide clear, concise and timely updates on where they are. They answer our queries quickly and accurately.

Jason Poonoosamy, Managing Director at DMS



Medellín (COL) 

+57 3206994360

Km 5. Av. Las Palmas, office 06-127