Case Capital Logistic (now OmniBkn)

About the company:

CapitaLogistic is a Colombian firm offering an electronic platform to facilitate and optimize the factoring (sales of receivables to third parties: trading receivables, payment extension, reverse factoring). With more than 2 billons invoices from 20 thousand suppliers/providers negotiated in the platform, they have fully automated their processes.


The core of the business being the management of factoring, they needed a tailored made platform to handle their business process where all parties, investors, suppliers, clients and the own factoring company, can interact, negotiate and exchange thousands of invoices at the same time. The platform also needed to perform automatic batch processes such as ERP integration, upload/download of receivables and conciliation of payments and invoices custody.

CapitaLogisitic also needed an IT partner to support and monitor all their IT infrastructure:

  • Onsite working stations and network

  • On cloud servers, DBs and the factoring platform itself.

Services offering:

We have been acting as the Technology Partner of Capitalogisitc, being in charge of the overall IT infrastructure of their office as well as the development and support of the entire factoring platform. The offered services were of two kinds:

  1. Development of the online platform to support the factoring processes:

    • Database Modelling

    • System integration with counterparties (buyers and sellers)

    • Frontend and backend development

    • UX/UI design

    • Test management and QA process

    • Agile methodology software development

    • Project management

    • Versioning

  2. Application management services (AMS):

    • Application support

      • Incident Management

      • Backup Management

      • Release cycle Management: versioning and patch installatio

    • Infrastructure support and monitoring

      • Capacity Management (ensure the capacity of IT services and infrastructure is able to deliver agreed service level targets)

      • IT Service Continuity Management

      • Information Security Management.


  • asp.NET, MVC

  • Java, Python

  • Postgres.


Until we got acquired by OmniBkn, we worked with QualIT and we’ve been considering them as part of our team. We fully relied on them for maintaining our IT infrastructure as well as for developing and supporting our online platform.

For IT maintenance and support, they not only made sure the daily operation will never break but they were also proactive in order to enhance the infrastructure offering the best alternatives for our business needs.

For our online platform, which is tailored made and core to our business, they had a dedicated team, that has always acted quick, understating our business needs and allowing us to outperform in the corporate financial market.

We have always been considering them as part of our company, and I’m confident by saying they have been considering themselves as part of it well. It was a win-win situation and I would recommend them for the quality of their work as well as for the commitment they have with their client.

Juliana Cadavid, Country Head Colombia

at OmniBnk (formerly CapitaLogistic)



Medellín (COL) 

+57 3206994360

Km 5. Av. Las Palmas, office 06-127