Case BRT

About the company:

BRT (Bedrock Real Time) is a Swiss leading provider of back-office and IT solutions for wealth managers, independent asset managers, funds, private banks and trust companies, with offices in Geneva and London. It is a multi-award software solutions winner.


In order to optimize and automatize their back-office processes, they wanted to develop an integrate suit of tools for the use of all parties related to the Asset Management business, such as investors, traders and brokers, custodians, banks and regulators. All these tools needed to be integrated in order to seamlessly guide and enrich the flow of information, from the CRM catching all clients information and needs up to trade posting, portfolio valuation and reconciliation, and final reports to regulators and investors.

Services offering:

Since 2009, we act as their long-term technology partner, developing IT applications (front-end and back-end) with an agile methodology that includes daily deliveries. We have delivered 40+ projects and spent more than 60’000+ hours of software development. We’ve been covering projects involving up to 9 FTEs. In the next diagram, in the red squares are some of the applications we have developed for BRT. All of them are integrated to each other through as a single page application allowing transfer of information between them. See the diagram below for a full picture:

How do we work together:


  • Offshore: Co-building these apps in different locations with a significant time difference is challenging, however we managed to organize our work in ½ days, where priorities are alternating between

    • Live communication (when working hours are shared), including handover

    • Core development

  • Agile: a custom common methodology was put in place

    • Scrum-based, but more flexible, due to the closeness of the teams (e.g. no daily standup, continuous sprint planning and backlog grooming)

  • Close collaboration

    • Project management and code sharing tools in place to facilitate communication between teams

    • 1-on-1 direct contact

  • Technologies:

    • Thanks to the long relationship established, we’ve been under 3 generation of technologies:

      • MS Silverlight 4 and 5, C# SQL Server

      • ​HTML5 – Angular js 1.6, C#, SQL Server

      • Angular 8


As the CEO of BRT, I had the opportunity to work directly with the Qualit teams.


As an offshore provider of IT development services for our suite of asset and fund management software, QualIT has demonstrated a strong commitment and motivation, to meet our expectations, from the very beginning of our relationship and throughout the duration of our collaboration.

Their expertise in the application of the latest technologies, as well as their reactivity and flexibility to meet our needs have been real assets for us.


I would like to highlight their emphasis on building long-term relationships with their clients which fosters an open, collaborative and productive work environment.

They are easy to work with and integrated very quickly and smoothly into teams.


Bertrand Giger, CEO at BRT



Medellín (COL) 

+57 3206994360

Km 5. Av. Las Palmas, office 06-127